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Rejuvenating Habitats Through Design, Social Engagement & Architecture.

Dustudio, Auroville is a collaborative, inter-disciplinary, architectural design practice based in Auroville, India & Inspired by ancient Indian thought & wisdom. The work of Dustudio aims to create a strong link between past, present and future of building traditions in Indian context, using the existing traditional knowledge base as well as innovating within the framework of its social relevance, economic viability, environmental impact and culturally rooted aesthetics. As a collaborative nature of its practice, it has strong links with the craftsmen, non government organisations, corporate social programs and like minded contemporary architectural practices around the country.

Over last 25 years, it has established itself as an architectural practice that is strongly rooted in its culture of learning and experimenting. It has designed and built several projects around Auroville and other parts of India that reflect an identity that is culturally relevant to its context of the built environment.

Since several years, Dustudio is involved actively with network of organisations & advocacy processes that promote owner driven rehabilitation & community centric development, post disasters. More recently, in studies & design of appropriate and affordable technologies for rural housing programs by UNDP and MoRD, Govt of India, training and sensitising programs with state governments and social organisations, NGOs, institutions, etc. It has successfully shared, imparted and learnt from its collaborations with knowledge partners within the architects fraternity in India and abroad. Dustudio is also actively involved in heritage conservation processes and its adaptive reuse through actual restoration projects, in Hampi Anegundi, Auroville, Porbandar, etc and has a Village Studio in Dhrafa, Gujarat. Dustudio collaborates regularly with Corporate CSR programs and institutes of excellence like INTACH to create further opportunities for building artisans, need for revival of crafts and development opportunities in various spheres for communities through such collaborations.

A dedicated team of architects & volunteers supported by some building artisans teams, is based in Auroville, India, where it is part of an international community living experiment based on ideals of Human Unity and Unending Education.

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Swayam, Auroville-605101, Tamil Nadu, India


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